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innovation adjustment


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Numpoint Services

Digital applications


Business Development


CCloud applications, Web pages, E-shops, Virtual tour, Nultimedia, Training tools, e=learning, Virtual reality, 3D video, CAD, Rendering, Spatial simulation, Animation, Graphic design

Cloud applications adjustment for enterprises, Training, Research, Digital presentations & simulations, IT, Promotion

Business Development, Sales, Strategy conception, Branding, Communication


Conception, desigh & simulation, Decoration (Architectural & urban planning scale)


with knowledge, experience, innovation and reliability

Numpoint offers high quality digital services tailored to your needs. Our high level of expertise and experience, both in the design and implementation of digital applications, as well as in consulting and business development issues, allows for a reliable proposal and solution based on innovation, business sustainability and benefit in all levels.

In a mobile or computer environment, every hotel customer can live an innovative, integrated digital experience. Through a customized interactive virtual tour environment in the hotel's indoors or outdoors spaces, the innovative application allows the customer to make simultaneous multiple booking of all the hotel's internal or external services.


Reservations can be paid by the customer via credit card, paypal or other means. Benefits for the hotel can be multiple (input from service bookings, innovative profile promotion, marketing, site recognition, etc.).

IBMS - Integrated Booking Management System


innovation adjustment



innovation adjustment


emall Thessalia - HOME

e-mall Thessalia

Elecronic online multistore of Thessaly

Enterprices of Thessaly are now joining in a large online multistore.

Online sales, Free creation of e-shops to enterprises, promotion, social media, free SEO in Google and other search engines, free list of sales with filters, free promotion on sosial forum "emall thessalia Forum", etc.

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Integrated and innovative Booking Management System of Services in Hotels

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